Artist Spotlight: MakeupbyMoré

Specialising in skin-like makeup and her daringly bright coloured eyeshadow looks, 21-year-old biomedicine student Yomoré is an up and coming UK based makeup artist. For almost four years, she has been perfecting her craft through many trials and errors that have helped her become the creative she is today. In an interview with Yomoré, she explains the difficulty that she faced when she first decided to step into the industry. Outlining her choice not to conform to the latest and running trends and motivating herself through discouragement from fellow makeup artists, Yomoré has certainly prevailed and is consistent with her content displayed on both her social media pages and website. Her level of creativity and personal makeup style has earned her recognition by beauty brands such as Fenty Beauty, NIP+FAB, Beauty Bakerie and many more. It’s safe to say that MakeupByMoré is here to stay and we should keep an eye out for all that she has in store for us!

Please introduce yourself for those who may not know you.

Hi folks, my name is Yomoré or better known as MakeupByMoréor MBM. I am 21 years old from Berkshire, I study biomedicine and I am a UK based Makeup Artist.

When did you discover that you had an interest in makeup artistry?

I started makeup on myself around 2015, I followed the whole highlight and contour trend. I was obsessed with dark brows and heavy skin work which is something you probably wouldn’t associate MakeupByMoré with now. I started developing my artistry on others in early 2018 because I had always been artistic and creative, but I was never able to fully express myself through conventional art.

Was there a specific moment that made you realise that you had a talent?

I wouldn’t say there was that eureka moment but one day I just realised that I needed to stop doubting myself and just go for it!

Has there been any influence in your decision to pursue makeup artistry? Definitely! My family have all been super supportive of my work. The first few months of MakeupByMoré were the worst, I was receiving little to no recognition on my work and to top it off I had been told by a fellow MUA that I “I wouldn’t get far”, this put a complete hold on anything I had planned for MakeupByMoré. I was so devastated I didn’t do any makeup for over a month. However, through the support of my friends I was - and still am - able to use this negativity as the driving force into what I aspired to be.

What has been your highlight since introducing MBM?

The best thing since starting MBM has been the support. Its been so overwhelming and its so satisfying to hear people say “oh, I learnt ___ from you” or “I love the way do ____”. Knowing that people have faith in me/my artistry and trust my techniques is definitely encouraging!

Have you experienced any obstacles since building your brand as MakeupByMoré and how did you overcome them?

So many! I wanted to quit so many times, I even announced it lmao. I only had 100-200 followers so barely anyone was even seeing my work, I began to doubt myself because I wasn’t receiving much recognition. Although recognition does not equate to talent, self-doubt is real and it was truly humbling. My amazing friends and other supporters literally told me I was crazy for even thinking I could quit, so I pushed on and here we are today.

What advice do you have for any upcoming makeup artists or beauty enthusiasts?

Never ever follow trends if you’re not comfortable with it. When I first started, I was convinced that the only way people would care about my work was if I did cut creases and heavy skin, which is the furthest thing from my style of makeup. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, you can only get better. Lastly, be confident in your work; when you’re confident in your artistry it shows!

Can you tell us any goals you have set yourself?

Well I don’t set myself goals as such, I prefer to take it as it come and move in silence, but I can tell you that this year is going to be big… REAL BIG!

If there’s anyone that inspires you, who would they be? Both in the industry and outside of it?

So many people, my friends and family first; they are my driving force. I am also inspired by many artists, big and small but some of my favourite makeup artists are: Maor Hillel, Sir John, Etienne Ortega, Francesca Tolot, Danessa Myricks, Natasha Denona, Nam Vo, Nikki Wolff, Carlos Palma, Kale Teter and Kevin Luong.

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