How Adwoah Aboah is changing the beauty landscape

Adwoah Aboah’s women-centred mental health platform @gurlstalk has launched makeup and self-care kits in collaboration with @revlon which aim to centre discourses around diversity, femininity and mental health.

This seems to be a natural development for the supermodel, activist and all-round boss who uses her platform to foster conversations surrounding super important and engaging topics. GURLS TALK has steadily become a safe space for many cis and LGBTQ+ women as well as Black and ethnic minority female identifying individuals.

Seeing Adwoah incorporate beauty into the mental health space successfully has been truly inspirational because she’s managed to position beauty as a form of self-care rather than presenting it as a foundation for toxicity, as it is often presented as in mainstream digital media.

Do you think it’s possible for beauty to truly become synoyomous with self-care? Ensure to watch @cipherbeauty’s stories this weekend to see the official launch of the amazing @gurlstalk x @revlon collaboration.

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